WHAT TO DO FOR FAMILY DAY IN HAMILTON? 5 Fun Activities for Children

5 Fun, Family Activities for Children on Family Day

While some may question the saying “Fun For the Whole Family,” we Hamiltonians know how to have fun.  These are some of the more edgy events that The Spec didn’t cover.

Carnival Family Fun Day - 1

Polar Dip not the only option (Photo credit: tom cochrane)

45th Annual Polar Dip at Princess Point

Monday, 2:30pm-4:15pm, Cost: $2 donation to the Rotary Club
Join the Rotary club for their fun, frigid dip, including skating, dive competition and snow cones.
Hot chocolate will be served throughout the day EMS will be on call

Family Dumpster Diving Workshop

“Join McMaster’s Centre for Peace Studies while they teach you and your family how to save the planet and your wallet”
When?  Monday, 12:00pm-3:30pm
Where?   Behind the Pancake House in Westdale, Donations to Food not Bombs accepted

Mayor Bob’s Puppet Show: Casino Debate Reenactment

Monday, 11:00am-6:00pm, Cost: Free
Where:  City Hall Council Chamber
Watch as the Mayor brings to life the Mercanti Brothers, Economist Hannah Holmes, and the delightful journalist Coleman Joey.    Bob Bratina will delight your children with his educational show, featuring his syrupy smooth radio voice.   Critics say, “Only Mayor Bob could pull this off.  He makes the casino debate a fantastic tale for children.”

Pet the Horses Day at Flamborough Downs

Monday, 9:00am-11:00am, Cost: Adults $15, Children $8, Children under 3: Free.
Show your children the excitement of the racetrack in a safe, legal environment. You won’t have to jockey for position in long lines ups with impatient kids!  Simply drop off your kids with our qualified babysitters, while you browse the slots, meet a bookie, or dine at one of our fancy lounges.  Bring along Grandma and Grandpa, too!

Teach Your Kids How Are Families Made in a Fun, Safe Environment – Public Health

Monday, 11:00am-2:pm, Cost: Free
Where:  Dundurn Castle
If your kids are as curious as I was, they want to know how a baby is made.  Public Health has organized a full, 3-hour, interactive show, featuring dioramas, 3D technology and a ‘womb room’, to get your children up to speed on reproductive  health.
Join your teen in the “Safe-to-ask” tent, while they ask the questions that are burning in their hormone-raging hearts.

Did you find any fun activities in Hamilton for Family Day?

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