Singles Find Love at Family Day Protest

 Protests Out of Touch, But This Couple Isn’t

Couple Making Up

There was no protesting physical contact when we visited the couple – photo by the amazing Joanna St. Jacques

The city is full of Family Day activities, including a Pet-the-Horse Event at Flamborough Downs, and a Reproductive Health workshop for kids at Dundurn Castle.  The Hamilton Family Day Protests seem a little out of touch with the mood of the day: Family fun.  Of course, the media gives it very little coverage (only 9 were in attendance this year), and nothing remarkable ever happens, save the accident  involving a burning playhouse last year.

This year, two ‘love skeptics’ got caught up in that passion and found what they least expected:  Love.

“We saw each other across the crowd and we knew right away,” says an excited Greg Polland, a

The Family Day Protest

The Family Day Protest Fizzled, But the Romance Sizzled – Ben Evens Collection

38-year-old painter and art teacher.  “We’re going to get married right away. It was like a message from God.  We both want kids, a house, the whole nine yards.”

Terry Philando, a professional spirit guide, says this is a complete departure from their lives.  “Turns out we both hated the nuclear family, tradition definitions, and Fox News.  But, as a spiritual guide, I accept the realities as they present themselves.”

They’ve decided to put down their picket signs, cash in their PETA memberships, and go back to school.  “Being a painter and a teacher is fine, but the move to go into insurance will be far more stable for our kids.  I have to make up for lost time with my RRSPs, too.”

Philando is more than happy to stay at home with the kids.  “All the spirit guide stuff was bullshit, anyways.”

From protests to true love, this Family Day will go down in Hamilton’s history as a day of love, and the only thing being boycotted at this year’s events will be a frowning face.

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