Oprah slags Hamilton: It’s ‘a one-poutinerie town’

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Oprah Winfrey Flashing Hamilton a fake smile, inwardly judging us. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Bart Sherman, author of “Diagonal Lawn” story
Barely a week after taking the stage in front of thousands of admirers in Hamilton, Oprah Winfrey is attacking the city with both barrels.

Appearing Saturday on the New Arsenio Hall Show, Winfrey – wearing the very same buttercup yellow dress she wore at Copps Coliseum last Saturday – went on a long rant against the city and its people.

“Have you ever been to Hamster Town, Arsenio?” Winfrey asked the host, leaning in with a smile. “It’s a one-poutinerie-town way up in Canada, Arsenio. Don’t go there, man. Literally.  They’re so pro-foreskin up there, it ain’t funny.  I had Stedman wait in the limo.  He’s been limping, lately, after his surgery.”

About 14,000 ‘Church of Winfrey’ followers filed into Copps for Oprah Winfrey’s roadshow on April 13. Despite the best efforts of organizers and an over-willing local media, the show did not sell out.

Winfrey’s apparently sore about that, too.

“I prepared so hard for that show, Arsenio,” she said. “And those people dressed like slobs — I told them they were the best-dressed people I’d ever seen but I was joking! That place should have been packed to see someone turned out as fine as me!”

A Nightmare With Dolphins

Big Yellow Oprah said she was disgusted and disappointed by a backstage meeting of “prominent” Hamiltonians, where she was introduced to veteran outlaw graffiti artist Keenur, Tomi Swick, jazz songstress and Seniors Head vocalist Jude Johnson, and former mayor Bob Morrow. There were also  photographs of Daniel Lanois and Martin Short in the room.
Winfrey told Hall she would never return to the Steel City, and urged everyone else to avoid it, too.
“Follow your dreams, people, but if the road goes through Hamilton, consider that dream a nightmare,” she said, adding the only interesting thing in the city was the killer whale and dolphins jumping around in the harbour.
“They look so so cute I could eat them,” she said.  “Stedman! Fetch me the yacht.”
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33 thoughts on “Oprah slags Hamilton: It’s ‘a one-poutinerie town’

  1. More people would have gone if she didn’t have her tickets priced so high. The cheapest ticket was $90.00 + taxes and fees like really? You make millions of dollars as is and you choose to over charge? Maybe you should get off your self righteous horse and smell the roses.

    • I still wouldn’t have gone, she’s a fat mess and I don’t need to see that crap. People should spend their money on better things than her…I guess the people of Hamilton think the same thing.

  2. You sir are a Bone head… Arsenio Hall show don’t even air until the Fall of 2013…! This is a load of crap…!

  3. Anyone who buys this article needs to get their head checked.

    Why on earth would Oprah risk the media exposure, having to explain herself why she would slag off derogatory comments about Hamilton? I think she has enough years in the business, and respect for herself to ever do something that stupid.

      • This is bull crap! Oprah is not at all the Bitch u make her sound to be.
        This article is made up by someone who is obviously jealous of her, or someone who is against what she stands for and has accomplished in her life.
        I have never met her but she is someone who deserves respect.

  4. Think Oprah should try and remember where she came from! Don’t think most Hamiltonians have make up artists and personal assistance dress them. Wonder if the Africans wore their gowns and tuxedos when she graced their presence to open her so called school! Only thing Canadians should apologize this time is for spending their hard earned money on seeing her show!

  5. We noticed 4 Skin Divers out in Burlington Bay, someone called Green Peace because they thought they spotted a beached Whale stranded on shore….Nope, it was just Oprah going for a bath in Hamilton Harbour !

  6. Shes a typical american, i should have went and wore a skidmark layden pair of underwear and thrown them at her.

  7. Opra you such a loser! Possibly think before you open your mouth! God righteous female soley after money! Thats all you are!

  8. I doubt that Oprah Winfrey would say such things aloud… it would be a career killer, being in the business as long as she has, she obviously knows that the more fans that she has means more money. What I do see is that she is a money hungry lady forcing her thoughts and perspectives globally, if she is really endorsing this cream for the good of mankind her ticket prices would be cheaper. Anything that she is in is simply for HERSELF, you don’t see her helping poor struggling communities, unless it’s for a tax write off. She makes BILLIONS per year and helps very few. Why doesn’t she help those to whom are REALLY in need, there are helpless millions in the world to whom would benefit from a genuine act of kindness… you see it on T.V. everyday asking viewers for help, yet those with REAL wealth DO NOTHING!!!!!
    What I do think is wrong, is the fact that she is promoting some corporate company for this hand cream that she loves. She is aiding in the mutilation of men’s bodies, why doesn’t she push for women who can no longer have children to remove their breasts for some “cream” and herself being the first to do so. It’s one thing to use the foreskin that is removed for religious beliefs and another to have women “push” men into this act… men are not “pushing” women to remove their unneeded breasts. Leave people be, don’t force your views and opinions on anyone!!!!

  9. It’s not a load of crap. She totally said it. I am an eye witness. This is clearly the most reliable news source out there. HTN – great reporting. Keep up the good work.

  10. This is obviously fake. The whole whales and dolphins in the harbor hasn’t even happened yet. Don’t believe everything you read people

  11. Being from The GTA, I can say Hamilton is not the nicest of cities in Ontario. It is a lower income city with many poverty and social issues. That being said, you would think Oprah would have known this when scheduling an appearances there. With the price of her tickets and location of her event it is only reasonable that it would not sell out. It isn’t Toronto, those who don’t live directly around or west of Hamilton don’t often chose to visit Hamilton, and not for those ticket prices Oprah or no Oprah. As much as Oprah give through her charities and has accomplished financially it would appear as though she does not know that much about Canada and it’s demographics. This is not the first time Oprah has made unfounded, and uneducated remarks about Canada or one of its cities. Maybe Oprah should look at helping this city and the over 100 children appending schools with out proper clothing, drug addicts, and laid off workers instead of insulting them and being upset no one spent half their pay cheque to attend her seminar.

    • As a well-known celebrity, actor (I was in Iron Man, as well as X-Men and Harry Potter), and (lesser known fact about me) world-renowned modern dancer, I can very happily refute your strange assessment of Hamilton as some city in desperate need of social reform. (Was that a run-on sentence?) Implying that Hamilton is low-income is preposterous, seeing as I live here 7 months a year and I’m very rich.

      I have nothing left to say to you, insignificant member of the 99% so desperate for my millions. I must say, your comment has left me feeling rather irate and insulted.

      • I suspect Robert , your feelings of insult, stem solely from your not appending school in the GTA. Perhaps if you were one of those over one hundred children, who have been apparently forced to append school with neither clothing nor their drug addicts and laid off workers in tow, you might feel differently.

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