Ticket Pardon Scandal: “I Was Too Plastered to Park”

He’s got a ticket to rye

bad parking job

DeFlorencia avoids double parking ticket (Photo credit: Andrew Huff)

A stretch of Aberdeen Ave was reopened last Monday after being shut down following a Hamilton man’s drunken joyride.   Although no one was injured, the driver – 38-year-old Samuel DeFlorencia – is not facing any charges, and has managed to avoid paying a parking ticket.

“I admit I was very, very drunk [laughs],” says DeFlorencia.  “I shouldn’t have been on the road.   I don’t remember getting in the car.  I don’t even remember owning that car, to be honest.   So, I fought the parking ticket and I won.”

Hamilton Justice, Eunice Taylor, said “Although people who commit crimes while voluntarily drunk should be held criminally responsible for their actions, I cannot accept DeFlorencia’s admission of drunkenness as it appears he was too intoxicated to recall the events, and there is no evidence to corroborate his story.”

This is not the first time a Hamiltonian has used the drunk defense to avoid charges.  In the notorious case of Kendall Glansitch, he was charged, and acquitted, with arranging an illegal gambling ring involving cockfights, cracoon races, and a mobility scooter chop shop.  The judge found that during the five-year period Glansitch was arranging these activities, he was too drunk to be criminally responsible.

Don’t Drink & Drive

DeFlorencia is worried that his case may condone further drinking and driving cases.  To redeem his foolish actions, he spoke to an assembly at Westdale High School.   Deflorencia was ushered off the stage, after claiming he’s a better driver when he’s had a few drinks, but cautioning that very few people have this skill, and he doesn’t recommend trying it.

Teachers, parents, and police seem to have reached a consensus concerning DeFlorencia:  Alcohol gave him a second chance, but it’s Hamilton that’s feeling hung over.

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