Ancaster Exempted from 1-bag rule: “We consume more”

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Ancaster may have a reputation for dumping on Hamilton, but the trash talk is now flowing the other way for a change.  In what was initially considered an April Fools’ joke, Ancaster councilman, Lloyd Ferguson,  passed a bylaw exemption to Hamilton’s one-bag rule, allowing Ancaster households to put out three bags of garbage rather than just one.   The exemption includes allowances for batteries, televisions, nuclear waste, and pets.

Bag, tag, and forget

Garbage pickup in Hamilton is changing anyways, argue Ferguson’s opponents, with more allowances for extra bags.   Rather than giving exceptions to the one bag rule on selected weekends, Hamiltonians can buy stickers allowing them to throw out extra on any given day.  The city is giving out twelve freebie stickers by mail, with an additional fourteen more, free of charge, upon request.   Hamilton residents can put out an extra bag for half of the year.

“I don’t care how many tags the City is handing out, Ancaster is wealthier,” Ferguson argued.  “More disposable income means more disposables.  An extra bag every other week is not enough for us.  This is especially true after an Artsprawl.”

More Disposable Income = More Disposables

The timing of these measures could not be worse.  Changes in garbage policy are always a case for debate, as city clerk Chet Morrison can attest to.  “When it comes to trash policy, it take citizens – especially the filthy citizens of downtown Hamilton – time to get used to it.  I think Ancaster has proven itself as a clean city, and doesn’t need to be grouped with working class neighbours downtown.  Wait. Don’t publish that, Farley.  Okay?”

The three-bag rule won’t take effect until September, 2013 – until then, Ancaster will have to slum it with the rest of Hamilton.

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9 thoughts on “Ancaster Exempted from 1-bag rule: “We consume more”

  1. Why are they allowed to dispose of nuclear waste and we cannot? That doesn’t seem fair! Ancaster always gets special treatment….the rich get richer!!

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