For Sale, By Joe: Coleman selling the ‘Y’ in his name to fund purchase of journalism equipment

Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman (Photo credit: Joey.Coleman)

By Bart Sherman

You can call him Joe Coleman now.
But first, you’d better call him the most committed, truth-seeking and now selfless
journalist the city has seen since Horatio Spectator.

Joey Coleman is putting the ‘Y’ in his name up for sale. The goal? More truth. He’s
hoping the money generated from selling the beloved first-name letter will allow him
to purchase better equipment for his journalism pursuits. It’s worked for him before.
Coleman has raised more than $73,000 through online donations so far.

“I’d love to talk about this,” said Coleman, whisking by two Hammer In The News
reporter/videographers Tuesday, “but I’m late for the general committee issues
subcommittee meeting at City Hall. It’s the crooked sidewalks debate. I’m live streaming
it. Get out of the way.”

Coleman told CBC Hamilton earlier in the day he’s not certain how much the letter will
fetch. He’s hoping it’s enough for a telephoto lens long enough to properly capture the
new Marineland whales jumping in the harbour from his apartment balcony.
Still, he’ll be sorry to see the ‘Y‘ go.
“It’s a good letter — an occasional vowel, you know, ‘and sometimes Y,’” he told
someone holding a smartphone. “If your name is, say, Bill, or Jenn, you might want that

For the person selling their name letter, it can be an emotional journey.
Local rocker Tomi Swick got a reported $700 when he sold the ‘M’ and ‘Y’ in his name a
few years back. But bouts of sadness about the move prompted him to buy a discount ‘I’
and at least partially regain his original moniker.
There is speculation that area jazz songstress and Seniors Head vocalist Jude
Johnson could make a bid for Joe Coleman’s ‘Y’, relaunching her career as Jude

Coleman’s Y is for sale at

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