Rob Ford Mistakenly Sues Himself: “I’m prepared to fight it”

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Rob Ford, staring into the mid-distance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even Rob Ford‘s closest allies say Toronto’s Mayor is his own worst enemy.   This may be the literal truth as Ford’s complicated legal entanglements have come to a bizarre head.

“It looks like I’ve sued myself for slander,” says Mayor Ford, outside of City Hall.  “I spend so much time with my lawyers, I overheard something on the radio, and I said, ‘Chuck.  Sue that a**hole for slander.’  I didn’t realize it was me.  Am I sorry?  No.  If I slandered myself, I’m prepared to fight it to the very end, no matter how much time and effort it takes.”

Ford’s political ally and brother, Doug Ford, stated, “This is something the Left has cooked up to trap Rob Ford.  If they weren’t so busy blowing the whistle on Rob, they might get something done.”

Ford’s opponents seem sympathetic this time around, though, believing it was an honest mistake.  Lately, Toronto’s council meetings have become increasingly cordial, with Ford absent much of the time for legal and personal reasons.

“Listen,  I told people I was going to be coaching football and taking a course on the French Revolution.  And that’s what I’m doing.  I make mistakes.  I’m not in council as much as I should be.  I sue myself, I forget the rules, but everybody does that.  I’m human.  At least when I end my career people will still be talking about how I drove this city on a gravy train with biscuit wheels.”

Whether or not Ford comes out ahead in the trial against himself, the one thing no one’s accusing him of is lack of character.

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7 thoughts on “Rob Ford Mistakenly Sues Himself: “I’m prepared to fight it”

  1. Ford has every right to fight this. Why people are giving him a hard time about this is beyond me. If anybody else was to sue Rob Ford, they wouldn’t me made fun of. But Rob Ford does it and suddenly we’re not allowed to sue Rob Ford anymore. Ford has every right to fight this.

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