Civic Award-Winning Rub Parlour Tugs on Hamilton’s Heartstrings

Barton Street Spa

Providing Barton Street Residents with the Tempature since 1984 – photo by J. St. Jacques

“They show us what’s hot, and what’s not”

Council did not blush when they awarded the Exxotica Spa a Civic Award for “providing Hamiltonians with a simple, yet essential service: displaying the temperature.”   The “Today’s Temperature” sign has housed the same, reliable thermometer since July 2nd, 1984.  People on the street can’t imagine it any other way.

Barton Street Tempature Sign

The undoubtedly off-center signs still serve their purpose – photo: J. St. Jacques

“I’ve never been in there, believe me, but I always look at the temperature after picking up supplies at the hardware store,” says José Silva, a 59-year-old construction foreman.    “It’s been there as long as I can remember, and I think the city is doing the right thing.”

Not everyone is echoing his sentiments.   A local sub shop owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that place is a blight on the street.  “Their signs are off-center, and they spell “exotica” with two “x’s.”  That just doesn’t make sense.  If anyone should get an award, it’s us for “The Pugger” – Hamilton’s best lunch option.”

While citizens may be concerned with the signage, they will continue to provide Barton Street with the temperature, rain or shine.

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6 thoughts on “Civic Award-Winning Rub Parlour Tugs on Hamilton’s Heartstrings

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  3. Didn’t you kind of blow the anonymous part for the local business owner with a quote that identifies a unique menu item? Or is that the point?

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