The Midhusbands of Mac: They’re doulas for dudes

Vasectomies Can Make Men Feel Cut Off

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Dr. Wang (Photo credit: Tampa Band Photos)

When it comes to sexual health, men reflexively shrink back from female health professionals. According to a study in Psychosomatic Medicine, getting a vasectomy or genital examination can bring on acute anxiety among men.  Challenged by an embarrassing vasectomy experience, Dr. Cory Wang started the midhusband program at McMaster University.

The three-year, B.Sc. focuses on advocating for men’s issues, not just their sexual health.   Dr. Wang is firm that every male patient needs a man handler – “It can make all the difference for quality care according to our panel groups.”

Why I Choose A “Man Handler”

“If it wasn’t for my midhusband, I might never have had the courage to have a home-vasectomy.  It was so much more comfortable that my experience with getting an adult  circumcision when I converted to Judaism,” says Glover Johnson.  “I had a gorgeous young female nurse when I was circumcised, but it was just a reflex!”  It’s awkward situations like this that Dr. Wang believes a midhusband could avoid, with their first-hand knowledge of the male body.   Man handlers can also provide care long after the operation has occurred.

Post-Vasectomy Care (PVC)

“The pride and joy of the program is our post-vasectomy care,” beams Dr. Wang.  “Post-Vasectomy Depression (PVD) is overlooked by most healthcare professionals, and PVC can lead to a significant decrease in PVD.”  The program hopes to team up with Hamilton General Hospital, and relocate to a building close by on Trendy Barton St E.  “It’s been a long, hard struggle, but we’re finally standing firm, proud to be men.”

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10 thoughts on “The Midhusbands of Mac: They’re doulas for dudes

  1. Good job out of McMaster for recognizing that men require PVC. I can see Dr. Wang eventually teaming up with the Neurology Department for further studies on the direct correlation between men’s genitals and their brains….interesting…..

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  6. Without the steady rough hand of a knowledgeable midhusband, my vasectomy would have been a nightmare. Instead, it’s an experience I’ll always cherish. Thanks for the awareness.

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