Lottery Winner Keeps Dead-End Job: “I just love jean Friday.”

Local Lotto Winner Gives To Devon Air Ambulance

“It’s the perfect mixture of business and casual”

After winning $27 million in the 6/49 jackpot last month, Gary Bolweather, a 45-year-old accountant clerk,  returned to his dead-end job.

“I’ve never been promoted, and I don’t have a lot of drive or enjoyment from my job.  The thing is, I love Jean Friday.”

Coworkers Say Nobody Likes Him

Gary’s manager says that his move almost surprised him.  “If he didn’t love Jean Friday so much, I would have never believed him.  Most of the week he’s a real asshole. He’s  under-performing, gossiping, and telling racist or sexist jokes.  But on Jean Friday, he’s like a whole other person.”

Coworkers regret his decision based on years of being harassed and embarrassed by Bolweather.    Peter VanderBoer, his colleague, claims “Gary has made enemies of everyone here.  He’s socially awkward, and he goes out of his way to embarrass people.  He convinced my wife that I’m bisexual, and obsessed with strip clubs.  I never go to strip clubs.   I’ll say one thing, though, Jean Friday brings out the best in him.”

Bolweather’s decision to to stay is a testament to finding the good in every situation.  Have a good Jean Friday, Hamilton.

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