Paramount Canada’s HSR? The Ride of Your Life Awaits


An artist’s rendition of HSR’s newest transit plan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting down the escarpment is about to get fun

City hall was abuzz with excitement and shock as staff presented their latest recommendations on transit:  A privately funded, amusement ride that would take thrill-seeking HSR passengers down and up the escarpment.

Would Citizens Ride “The Mountain King?”

Mayor Bob Bratina was struck with the idea when discussing the “roller coaster ride” council has been through over LRT discussions.  “It hit me then,” says Bratina. ” We could have a fun, affordable tourist attraction, paid for by sponsors.  No money out of the city coffers.  I call it ‘THE MOUNTAIN KING.'”

Paramount Unsure They Can Commit

An unnamed source at Paramount Canada said no one has approached them with this idea.  “We sold Wonderland, and we’re out of the amusement game in Southern Ontario.  I have to admit, the idea is, um, interesting.  It sure will generate a lot of attention.”

Whitehead Jokes It’s A Literal Slippery Slope

“Although my constituents need to get down the mountain quickly, this idea is a slippery slope, figuratively and literally. [laughs] But seriously, I know it’s all paid for, and the city doesn’t need to administrate, but I have a bad feeling about it.”

The idea is an amusing attraction, but whether it gets through council remains to be seen.

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