The Greenbelt’s New Buckle: Hamilton’s Mount Rushmore


From left to right: Sheila Copps, Matt Hayes, Martin Short, and Pigskin Pete –  photo doctoring by Graham McNally

The New Faces of Tourism Hamilton

On the face of things, a giant public works project in today’s economic climate seems reckless.   As the casino debates reach a decision point, and tourist mecca Show World closes down,  councillors and citizens are scrambling to draw in tourist dollars.

The “Greenbelt Buckle” is modeled on Mount Rushmore in the United States, featuring the bust of four treasured Hamiltonians, carved into the side of the escarpment:  Sheila Copps; Matt Hayes; Martin Short; and Pigskin Pete.  “You have to remember, we don’t have a CN tower,” said a passionaite Mayor Bob Bratina.  “If we pass up on that casino and The Greenbelt Buckle, I don’t see why anyone would move here.”

Matt Hayes’s Tan Will Bust Budget

Architect and amateur sculptor, Graham McNally, says that it won’t be as expensive as council thinks.  “The biggest cost will be Matt Hayes’s tan.  Everyone else can be in limestone, but I’ll have to use granite for Matt to give him that patented Hayes hue that Hamilton has come to love.”

It remains to be seen whether the province will kick in the necessary $100,000,000 to complete the project.  Although nothing is set in stone, we wait in anticipation for Hamilton’s new facelift.

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