5 Ways to Get Your Woman To Do ANYTHING YOU WANT!

So in love - photo by Joanna St. Jacques

“I can’t resist his charms.” – photo by Joanna St. Jacques

Use GUILT this Valentine’s Day

A lot of men think Valentine’s Day is about adventurous sex, while women tend to see it as a chance to get pregnant or receive gifts and attention.  Truth is, it can be about both, if you follow these words.   As a modern man, you can definitely use a woman’s need for attention to your advantage.  And Valentine’s Day is all about attention.  Any night when hormones are in the air is the perfect time to ‘go for the throat,’ romantically speaking.   Use Farley’s simple GUILT method to guide you through your Valentine’s date.

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Give her attention –   Don’t break eye contact for the whole day.
  2. Understanding – Men, let’s face it: women can be very boring and catty.  Faking understanding is better than nothing!
  3. Interest – Sometimes just nodding your head while your texting is enough to make her melt.
  4. Listen – Women tell their family and friends things they don’t want you to hear.  Keep your ears open!  Phone calls and girl talk are a treasure mine of info!
  5. Talk more about yourself.  Women spend all day with themselves.  When they unwind, they want to hear about you!!

May you have the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.  Don’t forget HammerInTheNews when she’s melting in your arms.

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