Don’t let your man off the hook!  (Photo credit: bolandrotor)

Be a HARPY and Take Control

Women, do you ever feel like you don’t know where you man is, what he’s doing, and if he still loves you?  Of course, that’s natural.  Follow my handy little acronym and you’ll have your man begging for your approval.  Sit back and enjoy, girls.

  1. Hold out –  Studies show men have a strong sex drive.  Use this fact to your advantage, and get the upper hand.   Try it tonight!
  2. Anger – In a man’s mind, a fiery, feisty woman is a passionate partner and mate.  Turn up the sass, girls!
  3. Reminders – Nagging is another word for caring.  Show him you love him with reminders and complaints.
  4. Privacy – You can’t trust a man.  Limit contact with his friends, monitor his emails, texts, and journals.
  5. You are smarter – Remember how sitcom Moms always are right?  Same in the real world.  Don’t be afraid to dismiss his ridiculous ideas – especially about his unrealistic dreams and goals.  You’ll be doing you both a favour.
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      • No.

        If you were serious, you’re a sexist, mean-spirited person who gives terrible advice to people without thinking it through and should be ashamed of believing in the things you posted.
        Everything you said is literally the worst advice I have ever heard. Literally.
        It’s like you want women to have boyfriend’s who hate them. You are giving advice to turn women into terrible people.
        If women follow this advice, their boyfriend’s will dump them or cheat on them.

    • Sometimes its hard to be a woman, trying to love the sexistmoron man. You’ll have bad times and he’ll have good times doing things that you don’t understand but if you love him you’ll forgive him ’cause after all he’s just a sexistmoron man. When nights are cold and lonely, you gotta stand by your sexistmoron man.

  2. Response to your reply to JC. I say to the women that thanked you, please don’t follow this advice. He will think you are crazy, and his friends will agree. Especially don’t try this at the beginning that is basically saying,”RED FLAG! DON’T DATE THIS CRAZY PERSON! RED FLAG!” Saying stop him having any of his friends is the WORST advice I have ever heard. Sass/=/ Passion, and no one thinks so. The sex drive thing is wrong, females have, on average, the same general sex drive. There are women with large ones and men with miniscule ones. Never assume you are smarter, and don’t crush his dreams, it is not better and will just make him very sad. Nagging, just No, don’t. People who nag are thought of as bitches.

    • Crazy, you are crazy for feeling so lonely, crazy, crazy for feeling so blue. If you don’t follow Farley’s advice, he’ll love you as long as he wanted and then someday he’ll leave you for somebody new. Worry, why do you let yourself worry? Wond’ring what in the world did you didn’t do? Follow Farley’s tips or you’ll be crazy for thinking crazy for trying and crazy for crying. And you’ll be crazy for loving, listen to Farley ~ it’s all true.

  3. A nag a day keeps the wandering eye away I say! Seriously gals, keep ’em busy with an impossible hunny-do list and those roamin’ hands of his will be hammerin’ nails instead of your neighbour for a change.

  4. And, another thing. Remember gals, when you are going through his email, you’re not ijust keeping him on edge by invading his privacy you’re mining for gold. Sock away those nuggets of information and haul out all of his porn-surfing habits and secret ebay buys for when you really need to cash in some chips. On the upside, you might just come across some real conversation tidbits so that when you ask him what he’s thinking that tiny perfect mind of his isn’t set all awhirl looking for something to say other than “boobies”.

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