This week has been exhausting.  I’ve been up around the clock covering the HSR’s biggest blunder: weight-based fares and a 1990s online presence.  And the temptation to go to the Mayor’s kissing booth today was too much.  A late nude skate always tires out me and the staff.  Also – commenters on our website helpfully pointed out racism towards heavy people, and more civic problems in the ‘province’ of Hamilton.

My favourite comments:

  1. I respect the HSR for admitting their mistake


    Weight-based fare not too popular in Hamilton

  2. This little chesnut from Peter Mercanti about the anti-casino crowd: “Who are these people? What is their background? What have they done? They get almost all the same weight as the people who really count. It shocks me.”
  3. And who can forget the negative reaction from followers of HTN when they heard about weight-based bus fares?
  • Hammergovermentfailsusagain Feb 4, 3:23 pm

    I do not ride the HSR as I drive myself…Hamilton is already a poor/hurting Provence but on top of all that lets make the disabled/weak/poor/over weight people pay for it… BOO shame on HAMILTON is this just a money grabbing scam to make up for the money lost to the BS web site they lost money on?

  • Nicole margerison Feb 4, 1:40 pm

    This is ridiculous and unethical I have been an hsr rider for years and the second I step on a bus and it

    Fat Caliper

    You have to pinch the passenger – Dr. Peever – photo by skamille

    shows my weight n tells me what I owe to ride is the day I sue the asses outta them assh***s that is completely wrong and discriminatory I am extremely offended by this :(

  • This is like putting black people on the back of the bus, just being racist to heavy people

  • This is disgusting…this is discrimination? Wtf are you thinking. I am a single mother who take her 2mon old on the bus almost everyday…are you going to make me pay for my strollera weight too? If so thats bs! Not all people are obese by choice…this is why people will and have left hamilton…because the council are a bunch of a-holes. Your drivers weigh maybe 250+ and sit on their asses and dont do nothing but we have to pay? No way. If their on the bus they should have to pay a fee. This is bullshit.

  • Tony King@Aboriginal_Guy @HammerInTheNews *Red Alert!* Don’t french kiss the mayor after he smoked one of his stogies.


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