Councillor silently struggles with technology – photo by Conor Lawless

Mike Parcy, December 16, 2013

Last week saw the beginning of a technology-driven PR debacle, when City Hall hired a ‘civic engagement’ company situated in Ottawa.  Their launch was riddled with factual errors, PR missteps, and compromised webpages.

In the midst of this firestorm, a Hamilton Escarpment Councillor, who wishes to remain anonymous, confessed a crippling fear of technology and social media.  ”When people talk about Twitter and Facebook, I began to tremble.  I’ve never used either of these things.  It’s so unnatural to talk through a screen. “

The councillor admits to reluctantly using a cell phone since 2010 when his appendix burst during a ballroom dance.  He uses it only for emergencies.

“We did just fine communicating before. People know where city hall is.  Come down and talk to me.  Or write me a letter.  I like getting letters.”

When asked why he was coming out with this information now, he felt it simply needed to be said since the ‘usual suspects’ are whining so much on their iPods.

“The city has squandered too much time and money in infrastructure upgrades to our internets and TeleType machines.  To give an answer to a constituent almost instantly is not a responsible way to govern.  A response should take at least three or four days. How do I know someone calling themselves @inthehoodhamont or @HiddenPonyMusic is really a taxpayer.”

HTN attempted to get an update from the councillor, but they could not be reached for further comment.  I guess we’ll send him a letter or visit him in person.



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