What Remains of Ivor Wynne

Ivor Wynne in ‘ship shape’ suggests City Staffers photo by Paul J Everett

In a last-minute decision, the City of Hamilton has decided not to go ahead with the reconstruction of Ivor Wynne Stadium.  “We have discovered that it just isn’t fiscally achievable at this point to complete the project.  A few factors that were not considered at the time of the original decision have come to light and it just isn’t possible.”

Council is confident that the Ticats can continue to play at Ivor Wynne even in its current state.  They hope to bring a motion forward to allow them to play as early as this year.  “We might be short a few seats, and the field is slightly altered, but we are confident that this team could adapt to the new terrain and succeed as well.”  Calls to Ticats management have not been returned as of press time, but a comment was obtained from T.C., the mascot of the team.  “The team is already pretty much settled in at Frank’s Motel just outside of Guelph. They aren’t gonna like having to move again.”

Some fans just can’t buy it. “I just don’t see how it’s going to be safe with all those beams and shards of metal,” says uber-fan Brett Solids.

Fans can expect to need to wear safety boots, hard hats and reflective vests when attending games at Ivor Wynn.  If you have purchased a piece of history, council has requested you return it, or at least bring it with you when you attend a game.

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Meet our new writer, Mike Parcy.


Our New Writer – Mike Parcy – photo by Squacc0

Mike Parcy Bio

Mike Parcy loves Hamilton.  He is the owner and sole operator of Mike Parcy Bicycles.  He enjoys the pan flute and carries a picture of Chad Collins in his wallet.  Mike was born and raised in Hamilton, ON.  Mike has lived and worked in the city for his entire life and hasn’t left the city boundaries due to a crippling fear of travel.  Even since amalgamation, Mike refuses to visit Dundas, Flamborough and Stoney Creek.



  1. Although its a little unsightly, I believe that true fans will still attend the games. If they can just move the debris just behind the enzone, the players safety should not be compromised. Besides; who wants to go to Guelph? Sure; its cleaner, but this is our team!!!

  2. I’m sorry, I must oppose. Moving the debris to the end zone is still a concern to the fan… and what about the beer stand?

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  4. if we move the rubble, perhaps we could also install a large piece of real “gridiron”? then the ti-cats would be the only true football team in existence!

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