LIGHT NEWS STORY: Pickles the Dog Barks Out The Alphabet on Barton St E

Pickles the Dog

Pickles, posing in the comfort of Hamilton Fish and Strips photo by NYCgal

Pickles the dog is the darling of Barton St E.  When he’s not barking out people’s names for potato chips, he’s whizzing in his favourite spot: The Cash Store on Barton and Ottawa.

“Pickles is my main source of income,” says owner, “Chips” Phillip.  Chips gets his handle from his food of choice.  “I put a hat down, collecting change – and I’ve got a sign that says – ‘Pickles barks your name for chips and change.  I have to say, I’ve tried about every flavour known to man.  A British feller gave me a bag of mint and lamb chips.  A feast for the senses.”

Not everyone loves pickles, though.  The owner of Hamilton Fish and Strips, a strip club/fish n chip shop” says he’s a nuisance and drives away clients.  “No one can understand him.  I lost a good bag of chips listening to him bark out nonsense – he spelled my fuc*in’ name wrong too.  Terry with a ‘y’ you fuc*in’ mutt.”

Whether you love or hate this adorable mutt, Happy New Year’s Pickles and Chips.  May your chips run as freely as your spirits.


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