Hamilton Teachers Won’t Give Marks Above 80%, Grades Chosen By Lot

Old Hamilton School

Robert Land School by Sahlgoode

“Too much confidence can lead to arrogance,” says the Principal of one of Hamilton’s biggest High Schools.   “This is a one-of-a-kind program, in the sense that most districts will simply avoid 100% marks. Hamilton Wentworth District School Board wants to get an A+ in innovation, while setting realistic goals for its students.”

Beverly Vong, a 9th grade teacher at Delta High School, says, “Our student average is in the mid-60s.  Why should we give them false hope?  Obviously, some students will earn ‘A’s, but they are the exception.  We want all our students on an equal playing field, so we’ll hand out grades by lottery.”

This will be the first time a school board has rewarded grades by lottery.  When we interviewed trustee, Kim Bernaise, we asked the obvious question: won’t people object to random grade assignments, given that their children’s futures are on the line?  “We had the same questions in our meetings – and things got pretty heated.  We came to the conclusion, though, that nothing is more important than equality.   They may not be motivated by marks, but that’s a good thing.  Now, they’ll be there to learn.”

Parents and students are going to be staging a protest on Saturday, December 29th, 2012  at 9am in front of City Hall.


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