Royal Cannaught to be Encased in Steel, Randle Reef Style

The Royal Connaught is an eyesore.  It’s another reminder, like the Lister Block before it, of downtown Hamilton’s potential.  The Lister’s success was in its complete gutting and refinishing, but the bill for Hamilton taxpayers was close to $30 million.   With much of government funding being diverted to Randle Reef, unfortunately, there’s very little City money to go to the old Howard Johnson.

Fortunately, one local twitter user – @not_anna – was inspired while reading CBC Hamilton’s article on Randle Reef.  “No one would connect these two projects, but I saw a common thread.  If we’re encasing 500,000 cubic meters of contaminated coal in steel – why not encase the Royal Connaught.”

Local artists voice their approval on twitter saying  it would be a symbol of Hamilton’s past: steel, and its future: artistic innovation.   A giant steel cube downtown would send a message that Hamilton can overcome all obstacles.  Steel would be the new art, in a fun twist.

“Economically, it makes perfect sense: We’ll be buying a lot of steel, so we’ll get a better price,” says McMaster University’s Associate Chair of Economics, Brett Chesnitt.

The vote on the proposal is set for early February.  Until then, let’s hope reef-er madness takes hold of downtown.

Interested in Hamilton Building Developments?  Read this article concerning the Pigott Building


4 thoughts on “Royal Cannaught to be Encased in Steel, Randle Reef Style

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  4. Encasing anything in steel is ALWAYS a sound strategy…but let’s not be wasteful – It should be gutted and filled with organic waste, THEN encased in steel!

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