EXLUSIVE INTERVIEW STUART MCLEAN: Christmas Spirit, @DrDisc and Hamilton Council

Stuart McLean

Stuart, suppressing emotions at addressing his favourite town

The true spirit of Christmas has arrived in Hamilton in the form of Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe – tonight at the Hamilton Place Theatre. In a HammerInTheNews exclusive interview, we spoke with McLean about his message of peace for Hamilton.

HITN: First of all, what’s your stake in Hamilton, On?  Have you been following our news?

Stuart: Splendid question.  I always get my records at Dr. Disc.  Love it.  And I’m a huge twitter fan and I’ve been following Ryan McGreal, RaiseTheHammer, and, of course, HammerInTheNew.  By the way, I loved your story on the man lost in Jackson Square – I may integrate that story in one of my shows, if you don’t mind.

HITN:  It would be an honour.  What’s your sense of Hamilton’s political climate?

Stuart:   When Morley takes a job without Dave knowing, there’s a lot of fear in their household.  I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of fear in Hamilton’s city politics, too.  Citizens are worried about being hit by cars, deadly chickens, two-way streets, and pollution in the harbour.  I think at Christmas time we need to learn to listen to the spirit inside all of ourselves. Dave and Morley have had a lot of ups and downs but they know how to listen to the spirit inside.  I don’t know any better way than to come to see me tonight at the Vinyl Cafe.   That’s the message of hope from Dave and Morley tonight for Hamilton.

HITN: Thanks Mr. McLean…

Stuart: Call me Stu.

HITN:  Can you give us a sneak preview of tonight’s story?

Stuart: I was really just going to let the spirit of Christmas take over this edition. The City of Hamilton always inspires me – so I’m going to wing it tonight.   I really wanted to help you all feel good about the year that has passed.

HITN: So, would you say that tonight’s Cafe is dedicated to our city council members?

Stuart:  Oh, yes. Most definitely. But also to you, HammerInTheNews.

HITN:  Wow! Just, Wow! I’m so flattered that I don’t know what to do with myself. Stu, I really just can’t wait. Merry Christmas.

Stuart:  (laughs) Merry Christmas to you, to all of Hamilton, and especially all the little children of the world.

Stuart McLean brings his Vinyl Café to Hamilton Place.

Doors open at 7PM.

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