Man Faints Window Shopping on Ottawa Street Window Shopping: The Mannequin Winked At Me


Ottawa Street Fainting – photo by gwire

A bustling Ottawa St sets a perfect background for window shopping.  This was far from true for Hamilton resident, Norman Slater, this afternoon.

“I was stopping by Greta’s Flair, just looking at the newest line of corsets, when – and I swear this is true – the mannequin winked at me. After that, my head got light and I woke up at the ER.”

Every year, several hundreds of shoppers report winking mannequins, plastic Santas, and Nativity Scenes.  “There’s something about the holiday season that makes people jumpy,” says holiday psychologist/hypnotherapist Tristin Lavin.  “In my experience, it’s the stress of getting the perfect gift.  This has a distinct affect on the neurotransmitters…it’s all very scientific, I won’t bore you.”

Support groups are readily available through your general practitioner.  Lavin is releasing her report early in 2013.


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