Hamilton Council Members’ Cheeky T-shirts: “Casinos are the New Art”

Amid tense debate on the downtown casino issue, several council members wow the crowds with their own creativity.

At the recent city Christmas party, some members were sporting handmade T-Shirts with sparkling letters declaring that “Casinos are the new art.” A few attendees we spoke with were impressed with the quality of the designs and the evenness of the puff paint letters.

“We are concerned about where the tax money will come from if Flamborough is shut down,” said one of the members. “We just wanted to show off our creativity too. Part of being a council member is in presentation, if we can show how nice a casino could be downtown, people will be open to the idea. And heck! using puff-paints made me feel like a teenager again. ”

Another Casi-Yes supporter explained that it was a priority for the council to maintain the image of downtown and they don’t believe that having a casino would change that. “It’s a priority to us that what the OLG proposes would maintain the unique feel of Hamilton’s downtown.  Especially because not a lot of people live downtown. We should be building as many casinos as we can to get people down here.”

The debate continues.


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