Austronaut Medic Explains “Space Shrink” at McMaster Med School Workshop

Dr. Flush holds back tears as he points to his shrunken coworker, William Nie.  Nie, formerly 6-foot 5 inches, spent just six months in the international space station.  Now he’s less than 3-feet tall.  “Medically speaking, advanced belittlement is not treatable.  Our top scientists and medical researchers have seen an upturn in ‘space shrinkage.’  You should see Russian astronaut, Vlachislav Volfovich…he’s a mere 17 inches tall.”

Tiny Astronaut victim of "Space Shrink"

Tiny Astronaut victim of “Space Shrink”

Bright-eyed med students at Mac can’t wait to begin tackling this issue.  “This is no small issue,” says Mohammed Yosuf, currently one year into his residency.  “I’m optimistic that we can parse the research into teeny, tiny pieces, and make sense of it, without diminishing its effectiveness.”  Little by little, as this story unveils, you can bet HammerInTheNews will be there to cover it.

Photo by FlyingSinger


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